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Hair Chalking – Buy Hair Chalk

Hair Chalking

Product: Hair Chalk 36 color pack

Price: 19.99

Description: For a large variety of colors order the 36 piece box of Hair Chalk for just 19.99. You will enjoy exploring all the color combinations possible. You will get a rainbow of chalks that will work on any color of hair.

Hair Chalking

Product: Hair Chalk 12 color pack

Price: 8.99

Description: Our high-quality Hair Chalk provides your hair with everything you need to look fabulous. For just 8.99 there is no easier way to transform plain looking hair into something unforgettable. Our chalk works on all hair colors.


The newly discovered way to quickly and easily color your hair is here! Hair chalking is the safest and fastest way to change plain looking hair into something unique and fun. These special pastels are used to temporarily transform a person’s hair from drab into something perfect for an exciting night on the town. Celebrities have been doing this for years and now their little secret is out. Hair chalk hair products are the best short term coloring on the market and hardly anyone knew about it!

Buy NowKids and adults love this zero commitment way of spicing up each other’s hair. There are many reasons why someone would want an affordable and simple way to temporarily change their hair color. Hair Chalk is an easy way to test new looks quickly. Probably one of the most important things is that it does not do lasting damage to your hair like permanent dyes.

Hair chalk can be quickly applied and looks amazing for any hair color. Hair chalking dark hair, brown, blonde or red works great, and looks even better. Our kit includes all the colors someone wanting to flare their hair will need, no matter what hair style or color you have.

Hair chalk is an easy way to match your hair color with any outfit. It is perfect for sporting events when you want to show spirit and match your favorite team’s colors to your own hair.

Trying to decide if you want to tint your hair for the Holidays but are afraid to make a big commitment with something permanent? Buy hair chalk and create a custom look. These special pastels are ideal for Halloween, Christmas, and any other day you want to feel festive and celebrate. Want to go green for St Patrick’s Day? Use hair chalk and bring out the little leprechaun in your personality. Hair chalk can also give you a unique “Happy Birthday” look to tell others this is your special day.

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Do a little hair chalking at your next girls only get together. Add hair chalk to the list of pedicure, manicure and facial supplies and obtain remarkable results. It is a wonderful way of making your party unforgettable!

Are you tired of boring family photos? Create a funky family portrait with hair chalk. Chalking your entire family’s hair will create an unforgettable family moment that will be preserved and cherished forever.

Any chalk hair color can be used to masterfully manipulate boring hair. The hair chalking process is very simple. Take a piece of hair, wet it, and apply our chalk to your hair with downward strokes.

There are many styles that people can accomplish with a DIY attitude. Subtle streaks of any desired tint can be added to your hair. If you want highlights, use earthy tones. If you need a louder look and want to un-tame your mane, add bright/neon colors.

Hollywood superstars love this hot new fashion trend. Hair chalk makes the perfect unique gift for that person who likes to make style their own.

It is time to take control and turn your hair from drab to fab. Save yourself money and time. Stop wasting your cash on expensive hair products that cost you hundreds of dollars. They don’t give you the flexibility to experiment and find what works for you! Hair chalking lets you express yourself in a new way, everyday!

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