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How to Hair Chalk

You have received your hair chalk in the mail and are ready to start hair chalking!  There are a few things that need to be done before we get into applying the hair chalk.  The first thing that you need to do is find a place that you can get a little messy. A bathroom is preferable because a mirror and a sink will come in handy.

Next, you will either want to put clothes on that you do not mind getting a little dirty, or drape a large towel over your shoulders.  Put both on for extra protection!  (Generally any powder that gets on your clothes from the hair chalk washes right out, but it is always good to be careful.)

Now, we are done with the prep steps and are ready to start hair chalking!


Step 1:  The first thing that you will want to do is section off your hair and wet it in the location you wish to color.  You can either slightly dampen the hair or completely soak it.  The color clings to your hair easiest when wet.  hair chalking how to


Step 2:  After wetting your hair, take the colored chalk of your choice and start applying it in a downward motion.  In order to avoid frizzing and potential damage, do not scrub the chalk up and down the hair.  how to hair chalk

Step 3:  Keep adding color!

hair chalk hair product

Step 4:  This next step takes patience.  Do not touch your hair so that it can dry!  Once your hair is dry you can apply hair spray to help the color stick.  Adding hair spray is optional, but can help keep the hair chalk from dusting off.


Step 5:  Show your hair off to the world!

hair chalking tutorial

hair chalking

hair chalking dark hair